Mozaiko develops and deploys hardware, software and solutions using Radio Frequency Identification (RFID) technologies, which are the basis of the Internet of Things concept.

How does RFID work?

RFID technology uses communication dispersed in the air through radio waves. The information is transmitted by the antenna, which emits the signal integrated with the information to the reader that converts the RFID radio waves to information that can later be presented using the Mozaiko RFID software.


  • Antenna – Emits the integrated signal with information up to the reader.

  • Transceiver / Reader – Reads the emitted signal and transfers the information to the device with the software.

  • RF Tag (TAG) – Contains the electronic circuit and the information to be transmitted.

  • Software device – Equipment (PC – tablet – hand-held) with the software application installed.


  • Agility in operations of checking pallets, items or volumes with the binding of Bar Code and QR Code within the TAG RFID.
  • Gain in productivity, speed, accuracy, loss reduction and HR savings.
  • Simple, fast and low interference deployment with legacy systems.
  • Solution as a Service (SaaS) of RFID technology in the process.
  • Fixed monthly fee according to the number of RFID TAGs used and of collectors (fixed or manual) – OPEX model.

  • Full Cloud or V.M operation. (virtual machine) on the contractor’s server.

  • Standard and reusable RFID TAGs with easy cleaning.
  • Reduction of human interaction in the processes and handling of pallets.
  • Adequacy to the best sanitary practices.