Simple, integrated solutions that work with mobile collectors and 100% cloud functionality. Fast implementation and very low investment. We have two platforms for your business, depending on the need: SMART (basic and scalable) and CLOUD (Advanced).

Mozaiko Connect

  • Mozaiko RFID Middleware
  • Captures, processes, filters and validates RFID readings
  • It makes data available to third-party applications, such as WMS, ERP or monitoring systems for example.

Mozaiko Analytics

  • Customizable dashboard with relevant business information;
  • Dashboard modules integrated with Mozaiko software and additional B.I. module.

  • Easy integration with visualization tools, ex. Tableau, Power BI, Qlikview.

Mozaiko Log

  • Tool for logistics operations.
  • Time reduction in high volume readings.
  • Access control and concentration map.
  • Increased separation speed for shipment.
  • High rate of reduction of rupture and improvement in the accuracy of the inventory.

Mozaiko Retail

  • Receipt and Handling, with more agile operations and better rationalization of human resources – reduction of errors and differences.
  • RFID tester – C.X interaction and value. (Costumer Experience) and increased sales and generation of KPIs.
  • PoS (POS) RFID – Greater agility, fewer queues and operational gain.
  • Inventory – more frequent and more accurate – gain in inventory time. Break sales break.

  • Anti-theft (EAS) – Reduction of losses and thefts, generation of risk indicators.